In recent years, it is known that more harmful sun rays pass through the ozone layer to the earth without draining. While you want to get a bronze tan on the one hand, you also need to protect your skin from harmful sun rays. If you are looking for a more pleasant and attractive look with a bronze skin, if you do not get a healthy tanning result, the result is very ugly peelings in the short vault, long spots on the underside of the chill, sun spots, wrinkles and even skin cancer. In order to catch a healthy tan, it is necessary to take precautions not only at the beach but also in the daily life to protect from harmful rays of the sun. Especially children, elderly people and light-skinned people need to be protected from the sun and not go out there without protective measures. Because sunburns during childhood and adolescence increase the risk of development of skin cancer in the later stages of life.

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