It is of utmost importance that the shooter is able to provide maximum control over these techniques when applying all shooting techniques. On the basis of a position that can provide this control is that the muscles are at least in tension. What is meant here is; it is not a complete discharge of muscles. Muscles must be used and stretched so that the body can maintain its aiming position. However, this should never take the form of solidity. The distancing of the islands from the tension is a key to shooting performance. When a shot is made while the muscles are stretched, the weapon will move in the direction of tremor, which is caused by arm tension. Stretching of the muscles will eventually turn into fatigue, which will lead to further tremor and subsequent worsening of the shots in the subsequent shots. For this reason muscles; it must be in tension to keep the body in balance, to create an engagement line and to keep control of the weapon during the explosion.

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