Sublitude is basically a discomfort that falls into the field of psychiatry. It is really sad that people who do not have any information about them make humiliating and mocking descriptions. Suffering is in fact a prerequisite for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) disorder, and it is useful for people to perceive it as a topic that is short-lived, perhaps written, perhaps less morbid. Scientific research in the past 30 years has clearly demonstrated that ADHD is a structural problem. These studies have focused on disorders of brain blood flow and glucose (sugar) metabolism. Drugs or toxic substances used in pregnancy for this functional impairment of the brain can be caused by infections of the mother during pregnancy, difficult birth, low birth weight and central nervous system infections (such as meningitis, encephalitis) that the baby has. The leading cause of ADHD is thought to be genetic transmission.

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