The main point of a hit is correct. How solid buildings are built on solid foundations can only be achieved with a correct stance in an accurate shot. The right condition is the most comfortable and balanced body. Balance is provided by bone-muscle structure and nerves. The body identifies the most comfortable state (usually) without the individual being aware, and warns the nervous system accordingly. The person does not prefer the position on the one foot that will cause discomfort. Because after a certain point of the loaded foot muscular system the resistance is reduced and muscle is tired. The stance, which is a special and variable element of the shot, must be applied by the shooter in the most appropriate way to his body structure. Although it is private, there are basic rules that must be observed in relation to posture arising from human body structure. The bones that make up the human skeletal system are connected with each other by many junctions. Cartilage is present between these junctions. The human body has been completed by supporting the existing bone structure, muscle groups and nerves reaching the extremities of muscles. The human body is able to stand in a balanced way through the internal fluid and spinal fluid in the ear. The human body structure does not allow a fully stable (non-swaying) posture. In the human body, there is a natural oscillation which is disadvantageous in terms of shooting due to anatomy. Although it is not possible to completely eliminate this oscillation, external causes that increase the oscillation such as muscle tension and excitement can be removed from the work.

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