The weight is based on the weight of a certain kilogram hanging on two ends of a metal bar called "bar" with a length of 1.31 m and a thickness of 26 mm, with two arms raised on the head. Major weightlifting contests are organized in two parts today; break and shake. At the break, the competitor must hold the bar with two hands and hold it up to a hamlet with shear or squatting motion and, when the action is completed, hold the bar in a stretched state until the bar is pointed over the head. Silkmede should wait for the contestant to lift the shoulders to the level with a continuous movement (shear or crouching), to keep the arms straight and taut, and to wait for the drop sign after the feet have reached the same line. Competitors are entitled to three trials for each move (break and shake). According to the rules, the athlete must complete his preparation by completing his preparation within two minutes after the entry to the competition level. The validity of an essay is determined according to the majority of judgments. The first referee is obliged to give a sign, which is given to the competitor's bar, which holds his arms upright on his head and stops moving his body. It is determined according to the total weight lifted in the first breakout and shrug in the weight lifting.

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