Beginning to run to the ball by setting yourself to the middle of your running speed very slowly, very quickly where you find the proper angle. - Adjust your feet as you approach the ball. The angle between your support foot and the ball is very important when you hit the base ball. - Come on, hit the ball part. Hit the top of your top leg (that is, we can say at the lace of your shoes) hard. - Enter the ball as far as you can. If possible, your shoe will lighten slightly to the ground. The ball will rise and fall more beautifully. - After you hit the ball, do not take your shot too much from behind the ball. The more you take, the more slowly you will lose your angle. If possible, try not to shoot the ball altogether. - After you hit, you can go to normal posture and enjoy watching the ball go. - Of course do not forget this. Move frequently repeat. This move is not an action to be done with 2 shots. - You wish to be successful in this move.

She's Hitting Very Hard And Check What Happens Next!