If you express the same thought in another way, the other person takes care of himself / herself ten thousand times more than you are interested in. The opposite is true! You are more interested in yourself than any other person in the world. Keep in mind that people's movements are always the leading factor in self-reflection and self-interest; this feature is so powerful in people that the feeling that prevails in people who do no work is not the kind of benefit that they give, but the enjoyment and satisfaction they receive from giving. The second comes to benefit! You do not have to be embarrassed or apologize for the fact that the human nature is only directed at you in this way; this has been so since the beginning of time, since man came to this earth with this nature, and so on until the end. In this regard, we are all alike. This knowledge, that is, knowing that people are primarily interested in them, will be the foundation upon which you strive to relate to people. At the same time, this will give you the ability and power to engage with others. In the next sections, you will see many successful techniques derived from this understanding. As a result, it will be a key to your life to realize that people are not really about you, but about themselves.

She Pranked Him Very Very Bad!